artist-blacksmith & bladesmith
fine custom hand forgings: architectural, utilitarian, artistic, pattern welded.



About Stoker Forge

Cameron Stoker, Owner.

Stoker forge is a small custom blacksmithing shop in Santa Fe, NM. "In my work I strive to use the blacksmith's traditional hand forging techniques as much as possible. The qualities of a precisely forged piece of steel have a beauty similar to carved wood or sculpted clay, though the metal lends itself to many shapes not possible in other matertials.

Working hot steel by hammer and anvil is a sculpting process. The strength of steel makes working physically difficult, but provides rewards in the finished piece -- gracefull, thin spans and visually un-obscuring structures are possible, as are weighty massive immutable sections."

Stoker Forge works on a custom basis. Each project is different.

"I can almost always come up with a pleasing design that matches both idea and the budget for the project."

Please look at photos of my work in the portfolio section of this site.